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how  do  we  stretch  ourselves  in  ways
that  create  amazing  outcomes?

the future CAN BEawesome. LET’S BUILD IT.

I love supporting people to find the courage to try stuff; to change, to evolve… To create futures worth jumping out of bed for!

So, how do we successfully bring others along with us? How do we shape the very trends seem to be shaping us; face the obstacles coming from around the corner; and anticipate change while it’s opportunity, not a death sentence?

As a futurist, these are the questions I obsess about.

I’ve also been a Director of Strategy with leading social change agents
GetUp; as well as Razorfish, the world’s largest digital consultancy.

As a speaker I’m now invited in by some of the world’s most successful companies to help set a tone that’s real and engaging right from the start.

As a coach, facilitator and ‘partner in bold experiments’, I get invited deeper into organizations, to support and uplift people in moments of genuine stretch and transformation.

Clients come to me from fields as diverse as agriculture, education, finance, healthcare, IT, media and the public sector to develop approaches and strategies for thriving in our changing world.

my  journey  to  the  stage

Growing up, whenever I met someone who inspired me I would ask them one question: “How can I do what you do when I grow up?” Of course the answers varied, but the one common theme I was given was simple: join a community of people who are already doing the things that I wanted to do.

So, as an aspiring speaker, I attended conferences, events and gatherings of communities filled with futurists, thinkers, speakers, activists and social innovators. I experienced firsthand the benefits of generosity and encouragement and I became incredibly inspired by these people who were achieving great things.

On the advice of a successful speaker, I set a goal of speaking 100 times for free to “make mistakes on my own time, not my clients”. As I improved and grew, I was recommended for paid speaking engagements and now, well over 150 conferences later, I’ve learned an incredible amount about igniting personal growth, captivating audiences while speaking and building high-performance communities.

Professional Bio

As a top influential speaker and executive coach, Tim has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, IBM, IKEA and Johnson & Johnson, to transform their organizations by challenging leaders and employees to try things that have never been done before.

His captivating and innovative presentations have influenced thousands around the world, and have seen him awarded the title of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest designation by the National Speakers Association.

A few of his top engagements have included leading a global strategy campaign for Microsoft, fostering an innovation community at Lendlease and hosting a company-wide real-time brainstorming workshop for the employees of GPT Group.

Prior to speaking and advising, Tim held the title of Director of Strategy at the world’s largest digital consultancy, Razorfish, and social change organization, GetUp.

Cities Toured

Keynotes Delivered

People uplifted