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Googlezon: the future of information delivery?

March 31st, 2005 · No Comments

epic.jpg What if Google, which already owns Blogger, bought TiVo and merged with Amazon?

When the owners of some of the most successful technologies of the past few years merge, 2014’s media landscape becomes part of the Google GRID. This is Robin Sloan‘s futurescape…

“Using a new algorithm, Googlezon’s computers construct news stories dynamically, stripping sentences and facts from all content sources and recombining them. The computer writes a news story for every user.”

“[Googlezon’s] ‘Evolving Personalized Information Construct’ is the system by which our sprawling, chaotic mediascape is filtered, ordered and delivered. Everyone contributes now – from blog entries, to phone-cam images, to video reports, to full investigations. Many people get paid too – a tiny cut of Googlezon’s immense advertising revenue, proportional to the popularity of their contributions.”

EPIC – See the media 2014 (Animation) [editor’s note: unfortunately this resource is no longer available online and we have therefore removed the link]

Rough Transcript of the EPIC Animation

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