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Blackspot Sneaker V.2

April 3rd, 2005 · No Comments

of the world’s shoes are produced in sweatshops. Naomi Klein’s No Logo
does a great job of explaining why this is a problem and a group of
Canadians have come up with one solution.

The Blackspot Sneaker is a shoe that is produced using renewable
materials in a Portugese factory where workers are paid fair wages in
decent conditions.

The Blackspot Sneaker (version 1) has been out for a year now, and the
makers have just released version 2. One
of the neatest features of the new shoe is the sole, which is fashioned from recycled
car tyres.

Check out the classic Blackspot Sneaker here. [Editor’s note: Unfortunately this resource is no longer available online and we have therefore removed the link.]
Check out the new Blackspot Sneaker version 2 here.


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