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Washington Post’s editorial independence a “scandal”

May 19th, 2005 · No Comments

foxnewsicon.jpgA Fox News “journalist” has attacked the Washington Post, labelling a recent editorial decision by the Post a ‘scandal’.

Fox News reporter Steven Milloy has lashed out at the Post for failing to blur the lines between advertising and editorial. He sums up how he thinks news works in this excerpt from a recent story on FoxNews.com:

“Although the Washington Post was happy to take $100,000 or so from [the Center for Consumer Freedom] to run the ad, the newspaper apparently wasn’t too happy about the message. Several days after the ad ran, the Post published a lengthy story on front-page of its Business section knocking the Center for Consumer Freedom as the tool of the restaurant industry.

What’s really scandalous, though, is how the Post kept the Center’s money while simultaneously disparaging it.”

Steven apparently thinks that once a company becomes an advertiser, they’re off-limits from criticism. If Steve’s implying that Fox News doesn’t attack companies that advertise on the network, he might have just got the ball rolling on a scandal of his own.

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