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McDonalds’ nutritional information: i’m missin’ it.

May 30th, 2005 · No Comments

supersizeme.jpgMorgan Spurlock’s film, Super Size Me, documents the near-collapse of his body as he ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month.

When the film came to Australia, McDonald’s CEO, Guy Russo, went into damage control.
He ran an advertising campaign that pointed out, for example, that consumers were encouraged to make informed food choices. Nutritional information posters, he advised, were now clearly displayed in all restaurants.

No sooner had the movie disappeared from cinemas, than the posters began disappearing from restaurants.

Instead of big posters, McDonald’s nutritional information is now stuck on the wrappers of many (but not all) of their products. This means customers can easily discover exactly how fatty and sugar-filled their food is – after they’ve paid for it.

If displaying the nutritional “value” of their food on in-store posters is an idea so good that McDonald’s made a 30-second TV commercial about it, then why are the posters missing? If McDonald’s is serious about puting
nutrition at the top of consumers minds at the point of purchase, the posters should be returned to high
visibility areas in each and every restaurant.

I doubt McDonalds management visit my website very often, so you might like to call them and have a chat: (02)
9875 6666. Let me know how you go.

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