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London Tragedy – 7 July 2005

July 7th, 2005 · No Comments

london-7-7-2005_1.gifAs I write this, news is filtering through that there have been a series
of explosions in London.

Terrorism is such a tragedy, no matter where it occurs: in the UK, the USA, Spain, Indonesia, Iraq or Afghanistan. Using violence to make a point or to intimidate others is never justified. My thoughts and prayers are with all affected.

Watching something so negative unfold, I wanted to do something positive.

I’ve created an image that incorporates the iconic London transport symbol with the peace symbol. If this image is of any use to anyone, feel free to use it.

london070705.gif[Edit: I have added a small button (sidebar) image. You can use it to link to whichever page you think is most appropriate. You may consider linking to the Red Cross or other relief organisation associated with the response in London. You may also consider linking to ministryforpeace.org.uk, an organisation that is advocating the creation of a Ministry for Peace within the British Government.]

A larger image is available below.


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