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Made up advertising words: a craptastic innovation

July 18th, 2005 · No Comments

jac.gifSpinning down the highway on the way into town, a massive billboard for a Hyundai greeted me. The billboard was black and featured a shiny, new, silver car. Above the car was one word:


This is not a word. Somewhere a “creative team” has been paid to innovate and instead they invented a word that evokes the mental image of a circumcision being conducted using a powertool.

“Powercision” may be a one off, but I fear it is evidence of a trend in advertising to invent a new, hyperbole-driven superlanguageā„¢. I have heard, for example, that there is a Sydney-based marketing ‘guru’ who takes credit for developing the word of “Marketize”.

I think I feel a column brewing here, so if you are aware of other examples of made-up advertising words, post them below!

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