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Get Up! starts getting attention

July 31st, 2005 · No Comments

getup.jpgA website aiming to unite ‘progressive’ Australians has received coverage in SMH today. “Get Up!” is pitching itself as an Australian version of moveon.org.

Around 75 000 Aussies were signed up to US-focused moveon, so Get Up! has a flying start due to Move On spruiking to its Aussie members for the local player.

Here’s what Get Up! are saying about themselves:

After nearly a decade of conservative government, our country has changed. Millions of Australians don’t like the direction we’ve been heading. On August 9 the Coalition government takes control of the Senate. It will have more power than any government in a generation. The other political parties aren’t providing a strong opposition, and the media is dominated by a handful of right-wing voices. People need to take politics into their own hands. GetUp provides them with a way to do this. GetUp members are building a ground-up movement of Australians who want to act, not just complain.

Check out / sign up to Get Up! here.

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