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Give your friends garbage presents this Christmas

November 19th, 2005 · No Comments

trashbags.jpgWandering through Balmain Markets today, I came across some funky bags that were getting nods of approval from the shoppers in the vicinity.

I soon discovered that the bags don’t just look great, they’re made from recycled materials by a community in the Philippines.

I took a card and I’ve checked out their website: this is a group of positive people doing great work. They’ve committed to ensuring the products they sell are fair trade, which means they’re paying a decent price for the products they sell. (In this case the price is set by the community that makes the bags.)

I know I’m an advocate of spending time rather than money on Christmas gifts, but if you insist on giving presents, I don’t think you could go wrong doing your Christmas shopping with these guys. Check out: trashbags.com.au

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