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PART TWO: An email I sent to some friends about recent violence in Sydney

December 19th, 2005 · No Comments

After a group of angry brown Australians beat up lifesavers…
After a group of angry white Australians beat up anyone who didn’t look like them…

It’s time we thought about where we all come from and where we’re going.

So, how can we all get along?

It doesn’t matter if you believe in evolution or creationism, both state that we all came from a single origin.

That means we’re all family. Every one of us. On a big enough family tree, everyone reading this email is family.

In fact, on a big enough family tree, we’re all related to George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, Mother Theresa and Gandhi.

Some Aussies have their roots in Australia dating back over 40 000 years, but most of us are from families that only arrived in the past 200 years. We’re from all over the world. We have different skin-colours, religions, politics and beliefs, but our respect for each other outweighs those differences. We all want to live in a world where we feel welcome, included and part of the community.

The fact that some of us arrived here earlier than others is almost entirely luck. No one gets to choose where they are born or the language they are educated to speak.

So let’s work out how we can create a country where everyone feels safe, respected and included.

People deserve to feel safe and secure – no matter what they’re wearing (bikinis or headscarves) and regardless of their cultural background. The vast majority of Australians are kind and respectful to each other every day.

Australians are free to celebrate or observe Christmas, Hanukkah, Rohatsu, Ramadan, Kwanzaa or Yule (or all of them …or none of them!)… It’s our inclusive nature that makes Australia work.

There is a day at the beach being organised by me and some friends early in 2006. We’re calling it PEACEBAKE. (http://www.peacebake.com/) we want to showcase that for the vast majority of Australians, this is a country where people get along. Australians from all over will come together to demonstrate that what we have in common is bigger than what sets us apart. If you like the idea of talking, laughing or just hanging out with people who want to live in a community that gets along, you’re invited.



PS. I’ll leave you with a story: A grandfather is talking to his grandson, and he is telling the boy about the two dingos competing for his heart. One dingo is driven by fear and hate, the other is driven by hope and love. The boy asks his grandfather, “Which dingo will win the battle for my heart?”. The old man advises the boy, “Whichever one you feed.”.

There are quite a few emails talking about Australia’s potential at the moment. Feel free to forward this one to your family and friends if you think they’d get something out of it.

[Editor’s note: Peacebake.com is no longer a live website so we’ve removed the link.]

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