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How much does tobacco cost Australia?

January 3rd, 2006 · No Comments

tobaccolungashtray.jpgHow much does tobacco smoke cost Australians each year? A recent report indicates that hospital visits relating to tobacco cost almost $700 million. I suspect the full economic cost of tobacco actually runs much higher than that.

According to ABC News:

The Federal Government says the only way to reduce the financial impact smoking has on Australia’s health system is for smokers to quit.

New figures show smoking is responsible for almost 300,000 hospital visits each year, at a cost of almost $700 million.

Acting Health Minister Julie Bishop says each year, 19,000 Australians die from smoking-related illnesses.

This figure works out to be roughly $35 for every Australian. Sounds incredibly cheap to me. The Federal Government’s “Counting the Costs” (2002) priced tobacco’s cost to the community at $21.1 Billion. That’s $1055 for every Australian, which, when you consider the cost of hospitals, doctors, nurses, specialists, surgeons, equipment, prescription medication and other costs, still seems quite cheap.

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