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So Puff? Sopuff.com What is the sopuff ? Man… the buzz just grows…

February 1st, 2006 · No Comments

Sopuff is the latest ‘teaser’ campaign to hit Australia. I wouldn’t normally write about teaser campaigns, but since I had a go at outing coke with their campaign, I may as well tell you who is running the so puff campaign.

It’s about pizzas.

But not the pizzas that you and I enjoy at from the local pizza guy – you know the pizzas I’m talking about, the ones you smell when you’re going past… You order from the chef, or the guy/girl next to the chef.

Local pizza shops are so fantastic. I recommend you go to your local pizza shop and tell them they rock. Enjoy a “Family” size pizza for me. Take your family or friends there, perhaps?

Order a jug of water for the table and enjoy the same beverage humans have enjoyed for hundreds of thousands of years.

And then, when you’re enjoying your pizza, tell them about the term “so puff” and how it’s a stupid term developed by the marketers for Domino’s Pizza.

You can laugh about the “So Puff” campaign as you enjoy your delicious local pizza shop pizza.

Perhaps the term “so puff” can become a term used to describe “lame”… like “Dominos pizza is so puff”…

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