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Melbourne’s jammers leave Starbucks feeling short, weak

March 7th, 2006 · No Comments

starbucks_logo.jpgConcerned that Starbucks are threatening locally owned cafés, Melbourne’s culture jammers decided to send Starbucks a message in the form of singing telegrams.

A group of jammers wandered into a number of Starbucks, positioned themselves around the stores and then belted out a tune loosely based on the jukebox classic, American Pie:

First singer (solo): A long, long time ago I can still remember when you used to suck those people dry…Second Singer (shouted): And you’re still doing it!

[Cut straight to the chorus]
Bye bye Starbucks, it’s time you retired
You couldn’t do it ethically even if you tried
Those good old <insert real coffee joint> round the corner supplies
Better coffee for a much better price
Better coffee for a much better price!

(it continues, but you get the idea.)

Apparently store manager reactions varied from applause to turning up the stereo to drown out the singing.

The jammers handed out this flyer which goes some way to explaining their activities. They named this latest event “Operation Mermaid” after the mutant fish woman featured on the Starbucks logo.

The Melbourne culture jammers may have a friend in the guy at ihatestarbucks.com. His site has become a clearinghouse of anti-starbucks literature.

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