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Let’s give the ABC the support it deserves

March 27th, 2006 · No Comments

abc.jpgThe Federal Cabinet’s Budget Committee meets today to work out how much money to allocate to the ABC.

GetUp! emailed me to encourage me to sign their petition, which is designed to send a message to Canberra that there are people in the community prepared to take a stand for the ABC.

I’ve signed the GetUp! petition because I want the ABC to have the resources to extend and improve the quality of their offerings and I know that takes money. Here’s an excerpt from the GetUp! email:

…The deal is, currently the ABC provides four national radio networks, 60 local radio stations, three internet music-based services, a free-to-air digital channel and over 1.7 million pages of online content, for about half the budget of a typical metropolitan television station. The ABC is struggling to get by today on $264 million less in real terms than it had 20 years ago. That’s why you’ve been hearing talk of ads on the ABC, even though the government is expecting a $9.7 billion surplus.

To change the course of the ABC’s future we need to stand up in its defence.

We know that without a robust ABC, we’ll lose access to a distinctly Australian voice in our media, as well as quality independent content, from news and in-depth current affairs to trustworthy children’s programming.

Please join me at crucial moment in standing up for a future that includes public-driven, not profit-driven Australian media.

If you’d like to take a stand for the ABC, go on and sign the petition.

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