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‘Celebrating’ 50 years of Television Advertising

June 7th, 2006 · No Comments

Last night the Advertising Federation of Australia’s celebrated fifty years of TV advertising in Australia.

The evening was opened by Russel Howcroft, Chairman of the AFA, gloating that the industry body is all cashed up and ready to defend the industry. From what? People who want to see restrictions on advertising to children? A rethink of tobacco ad bans? A continuation of junk food ads that ignore the obesity epidemic? I’d be really interested to hear

Here’s the top thirty, as listed by Duncan:

Holeproof – Antz Pantz ‘Sic ‘em Rex’

Winfield – Anyhow (Paul Hogan)

World Series Cricket – C’mon Aussie

Holeproof – Computer Socks


Dunlop – Aircraft Carrier

Yellow Pages – Goggomobil

Department of Health AIDS awareness – Grim Reaper

Kraft – Happy Little Vegemites

Harper’s Bazaar – Beauty

Harpers Cat Chow

Tooheys – How Do You Feel?

Qantas – I Still Call Australia Home

Lamb Roast – Tom Cruise (with Naomi Watts)

Life. Be In It. (1970s Government PSA featuring Norm)

AMLC – Lifeboat

Mortein – Louie the Fly

OTC – Memories

Mercedes-Benz – Crash

Coamas (Australian milk authorities) Milkman

Yellow Pages – Not Happy, Jan

Castrol – Oils Ain’t Oils

Tourism Australia – Shrimp On The Barbie (Paul Hogan)

Stainmaster (Sir Les Patterson or Pro Hart?)

Carlton Draught – Big Ad

Holeproof – Underdaks

VB (Victoria Bitter) – Original

Crown Corning – Vision Saucepans

Tourism Australia – So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?

Meadow Lea – You Ought To Be Congratulated

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