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Vision for a fairer world: the Millennium Development Goals

July 5th, 2006 · No Comments

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are a list of targets that aim to make life better for the worlds most ripped-off people. This is what they are:

Goal 1: Eradicate Extreme Hunger and Poverty
Goal 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education
Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality
Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health
Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases
Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability
Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development

The goals have been endorsed by 149 world leaders, including Australia’s John Howard. Naturally, ‘Nice idea!’ is a lot easier to say than ‘Here’s the money!’…

Australia is lucky enough to be one of the world’s 22 “rich nations”, of these, only 3 give less.

While most nations in the “Rich 22” have commited to putting aside 70 cents for every $100 they bring in (some are doing even better than that), Australia is currenty only giving 25 cents. Our stated aim is 36 cents (source). What a cheap, cheap country this is.

(*) Indicates countries that have NOT set a timetable for 0.7%.
(t) Indicates countries even tighter than Australia


Country Aid as % of
Country Aid as % of
Austria 0.52 Luxembourg 0.87
Canada (*) 0.34 New Zealand 0.27
Finland 0.47 Portugal (t) 0.21
Germany 0.35 Sweden 0.92
Ireland 0.41 United Kingdom 0.48

Remember this next time you hear about Australia’s recent tax cuts to
high-income earners – that’s money that could have given a leg-up to
some of the world’s unluckiest citizens.

To read more about the the MDG, check out the UN Millennium Project. To learn about how you can help make sure Australia pulls its weight on this important issue, check out Australia’s Make Poverty History site.

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