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World Cup of Generosity – Norway defeats Sweden in close contest

July 5th, 2006 · 1 Comment

norwayThe Kingdom of Norway’s 5 million residents are celebrating tonight as they embrace their title of Most Generous Rich Nation.

“I’m so excited!” 22 year old Didrik Opstvedt exclaimed, “There are so many deserving people all over the world, and knowing my government is leading the charge to make the world a more caring place is a real buzz!

For every $100 Norway brings in as income, 93 cents is set aside for the world’s poorest people. This figure surpasses that of runner-up, Sweden, which gives 92 cents.

Through the United Nations, the world’s 22 richest nations have set a series of ambitious targets for the world. By 2015, these nations aim to reduce the suffering of the world’s poorest people, the targets are known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Five nations have surpassed the .7% aid target required to achieve the MDG, with another

Swedish Prime Minister, Göran Persson, congratulated Norway on their generosity. “We are generous”, the PM said, “but currently, we are being outdone by our friend and neighbour. Congratulations!”

World’s Eight Most Generous Rich Nations (Percentage of GDP put towards the UN Millennium Development Goals)
Norway 0.93
Sweden 0.92
Luxembourg 0.87
Netherlands 0.82
Denmark 0.81
Belgium 0.53
Austria 0.52
United Kingdom 0.48

Rounding out the League of Sixteen:
Finland 0.47
France 0.47
Switzerland 0.44
Ireland 0.41
Germany 0.35
Canada 0.34
Spain 0.29
Italy 0.29

Failed to Qualify:
Japan 0.28
New Zealand 0.27
Australia 0.25
Greece 0.24
United States 0.22
Portugal 0.21

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