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Australian Conservation Foundation – Green Building (60L)

October 25th, 2006 · No Comments

acf-buildingThe Australian Conservation Foundation’s Melbourne Head Office is located in one of the greenest – and coolest buildings I’ve ever seen. I’d read about it a few years ago, but on Monday I was lucky enough to get a quick tour, and the building lived up to its reputation – I am impressed.

60L (the building’s name) collects and recycles its own water, is filled with natural light and is temperature controlled using internal and external sensors that automatically open and close louvres to control air flow. My tour guides, ACF employees Corey and Suzanne, pointed out potato-starch privacy screens, recycled-brick walls and 60% recycled-concrete pillars. The kitchen has recycled cork in the floor and recycled green ‘wheelie bins’ (domestic trash containers for the non-Aussies) had been turned into a tasteful green-marbled wall.

The building has its own (dated) website here, and the ACF has a page about the building (with hardly any photos) here. Whilst more photos of the building would be nice, ACF are probably too busy with campaigns to show-off their green building. You can read about ACF and its latest campaigns here.

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