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Village Fair ’06

October 29th, 2006 · No Comments

vf06When I was at university in Bathurst we had an event called Village Fair. It had once been a family affair, but by 2000 it had turned into a loss-making public liability nightmare. In 2001, a group of us worked our fingers to the bone, attempting to prove that a re-made Village Fair could work. We made significant changes, including spending big on music, fencing the whole event in, moving it to a new location on campus (on the racetrack side of the JOV dam) and charging $20 admission (up until 2001 it had been free).

The event was a success – we had a crowd of 2000, set a record for an alcohol related competition (The World’s Biggest Boatrace) and watched Chit Chat from MACHINE GUN FELLATIO climb onto the roof of the stage to mosh with some drunk crowd members who were particularly good climbers. (Needless to say, Village Fair remained a public liability nightmare…).

Today I chatted with Jess from Village Fair 2006, which was held over the weekend. This year they charged $40 admission, had 2000 people show up and had acts including LITTLE BIRDY, TZU and 28 DAYS. Jess tells me there was wind and dust, but the crowd had a great time. I have no doubt the 2006 team worked bloody hard for the event and congratulations to them for making it a success. Village Fair 2001 is archived over here, have a look at how much better 2006 looks!


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