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You’ve got 30 minutes to tell the news… Here’s my break-down…

November 17th, 2006 · No Comments

In a 30 minute TV news bulletin in Australia, about 7 minutes is set aside for commercials and of what’s left over, half is spent talking about sport.

So, a few weeks ago, I made my own Prime-Time TV news schedule, where I outlined how I’d roughly apportion time on TIM NEWS… Here’s the break-down…

GLOBAL (ie. affecting the globe): 5 minutes
INTER-NATIONAL (ie. between nations): 5 minutes
NATIONAL: 4 minutes
INTER-STATE: 3 minutes
STATE: 5 minutes
FINANCE: 3 minutes
SPORT: 3 minutes
WEATHER: 2 minutes

The focus shifts from the global to the local, before presenting finance, sport and weather.

This exercise was kind of interesting because it forced me to think about what TV news is good for and who watches it. Being a ‘Gen Y’, I hardly watch TV at all. I get most of my news online, but millions of people tune in at 6pm to watch the local news, so it’s not like the entire format of TV news is redundant because I don’t watch it.

Personally, I’m inclined to think that finance and weather are all better handled via the web and even print because so much data is involved, but I guess I can’t assume everyone has access to the web or newspapers, so I gave them a few minutes at the end.

I gave sport 10% of the bulletin, which is still a little high, but it’s a significant compromise from the status quo.

The outline above tells you something about my world-view and priorities. They’ll probably change over time, but for now, I’d watch that news. In Australia, the closest to my proposed format is SBS World News Australia.

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