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lafraise.com – it’s french for threadless

July 18th, 2007 · 1 Comment

I remember thinking I was so urban and edgy when I discovered US-based Threadless. Now they’re a recognised brand with co-promotions with Google and doing tie-ins with Basecamp I think the word is really out on that great site. My favourite aspect of Threadless is that they offer American Apparel, suppliers of fair trade products. Well guess what? There’s a french company that also has great prints on AA t-shirts – lafraise. And according to the very scientific “Googlefight” for every one mention of Lafraise there are two of Threadless. So here’s my tip – whilst Lafraise isn’t exactly underground, you may well be half as likely to catch someone in the same t-shirt as you if you shop from the Frenchies rather than the Americans in this instance.

Of course, finding a local designer who uses fair trade T’s for their prints is also a good option!

Thanks to my pal Pierre at Tangler.com for the Lafraise tip.

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