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October 2nd, 2007 · 1 Comment

I’m sitting in the office of Vibewire on Harris St, Ultimo (Sydney). I haven’t blogged about Vibewire before, so I’ve dug up a few paragraphs that do a good job of explaining what Vibewire is and why it exists. These are from an internal document that the guys were happy for me to post:

Vibewire is built around the vision of an Australian society with significantly greater levels of youth community engagement and media-literacy and, ultimately, a more informed and participatory public debate about the issues and challenges that confront us all.

Vibewire’s goals are to:

  • Empower young people by giving them leadership and expression opportunities;
  • Enhance young people’s self-esteem by giving them a sense of belonging in a community and ownership of their destiny via leadership opportunities, self-expression and education;
  • Foster a sense of ‘connectedness’ for young people by creating significant, sustainable relationships with their peers and youth communities nation-wide (and world-wide);
  • Break entrenched cycles of apathy and alienation by creating new participation pathways;
  • Create platforms for showcasing the talents of young creatives from a variety of fields;
  • Provide a unique and inspirational environment for peer mentorship and training;
  • Develop the skills, competencies and relationship networks of our team and the youth community.

Vibewire is focused on re-engaging young people in the political decision-making processes which affect them, improving their media literacy and understanding of these processes, and providing opportunities for the creation of non-commercial arts and culture and the showcasing of the talents of young people in Australia.

Media and arts-based expression and community involvement around it are also known to build resilience and mental well-being for young people. We believe that being valued as a member of society and empowered to represent your feelings and ideas is fundamental to preventing youth apathy, isolation and depression.

Vibewire Inc. was incorporated in September 2000 by then university student Tom Dawkins. It was originally conceived of as a vehicle simply to create Vibewire.net, a youth culture and expression portal. Since that time however it has grown into a multi-faceted youth media and arts organisation with five key project areas: Vibewire.net; Online Events; Reelife Short Film Festival; Print Projects and; the sQuareOne creative project incubator space.

Vibewire is run entirely by young people (16-30). All staff, volunteers and board members (National Steering Committee) are aged 30 or under. In fact, the vast majority of Vibewire management, staff and volunteers are aged 25 or under.

A few months ago I was invited to participate on the board of Vibewire. The feeling seemed to be I was a good fit because my activism and communication work made me an obvious candidate.

Vibewire’s done some great work in the past few years – in 2006 I posted about the e-festival of ideas which is a great initiative. I was honoured when Tom invited me to join the board and I hope to make a great contribution.

I won’t post more about Vibewire here, but I thought I should post a little information so future references to Vibewire make a little more sense.

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