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Audio Moblogging – from my phone to this blog at the touch of a button

October 2nd, 2007 · No Comments

I promised that I’d blog more than ever this October and so far I seem set to break all personal blog post records – thanks in part to my use of Moblogging.

Using a service from Hipcast, I call a US-based phone number and anything I then say is posted to timlonghurst.com.

My first few audio recordings are fairly basic – talking about where I am and what I’m doing. They’re totally spontaneous – I think for about 30 seconds about what I’m going to say, and then I dial the number and speak. I post my first take and then I get on with my life (there is an option to listen and re-record, but I am yet to use it).

The first problem I’ve found with moblogging is that the post is automatically published using the uninspiring title Audio Moblog.

The second problem with moblogging is that the content of what I’m saying is not indexable by search engines (at least, not yet) and that means that the topics I discuss on the phone are only available to the people that press ‘play’ and listen to them.

The first problem can be solved by logging in to my blog and renaming my audio posts, but that’s a little time consuming.

Similarly, the second problem can be solved by logging into my blog – but this time, typing a transcript of anything I say. Now, I’m not likely to do that anytime soon, but I suppose I would be prepared to pay someone else to do that if the quality of my moblog posts reached a point that I wanted my posts read by a wider audience.

As I become more sophisticated with moblogging I’ll post again with the lessons I’ve learned.

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