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Social Networking futures – data independence, platform neutrality

October 2nd, 2007 · 4 Comments

In a recent post entitled “Timformation Overload” I lamented the being ‘attacked’ electronically from all angles. One part of the solution would be a single login for of all my social networking accounts – MySpace, WAYN, Bebo, Facebook, LinkedIn, del.icio.us, Twitter and Friendster.

I am convinced that most of the people I know would love to see this happen – log into one site and get the best of all of them. Now, most of these services are owned by competing enterprises, so I can’t see them being the driver toward an amalgamated account, but as is often the case, when consumer demand is not met due to a corporate closed-shop, open source may be the answer.

What I am describing here is not so much the amalgamation of social networking sites, but instead, platform neutrality – that is, your data – photos, video, audio, text – is your own and can be syndicated across your various social networking sites and beyond – including your blog.

I haven’t found any Open Source projects that aim to achieve data independence and platform neutrality, but if you know of any, please post a comment – I’d love to see what’s going on regarding this.

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