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Vibewire Videos 2

October 2nd, 2007 · 1 Comment

In the spirit of Open Source, I present to you – Creating a video brief, part one – the initial questionnaire.

As a communication problem (there’s a lot that could be communicated in a limited amount of time), gathering the basic information on the video subject before you begin is a good place to start.

For the Vibewire videos, I have developed a pretty simple questionnaire that I hope will be used to gather all the information we need for each video into one place.

For each project we’d like to produce a video on, I think we need, at the very least, the following information, hopefully on a single page:

WHAT (The project name):
WHO (The people/organisations involved in organising/supporting the project):
WHO ARE THE INDIVIDUAL ADVOCATES (The people who would be great spokespeople/3rd party supporters):
WHERE (Where the project takes place):
WHEN (How often, at what times, for how long):
WHY (Why does this occur at all) :
WHO PAYS (How are the costs of the project absorbed?):
WHO BENEFITS (Who are the primary beneficiaries of the program? What are the numbers here?)
WHAT ARE THE OUTCOMES (both measured/unmeasured).

Having these questions answered would be an excellent starting point for a discussion on communication strategy, and whilst I’ve penned the questions for the Vibewire project, I can imagine using them in other projects in the future.

In the spirit of open source, if you use this questionaire, or if you have improvements, please post a comment so the questionnaire can be refined over time.

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