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October 2nd, 2007 · 2 Comments

Tom from Vibewire has asked me to help him with a project he’s had in mind for Vibewire – communicating the value of various Vibewire projects through video.

The best case scenario is that there will be a mini video (between 30-60 seconds) for each of the following programs:

  • Reelife Short Film Festival
  • the sQuareOne creative project incubator space
  • the Vibewire.net website
  • Election Tracker
  • Interface Magazine
  • E-Festival of Ideas

And finally, there will be an ‘overview’ video that aims to bring all the videos together.

These are all fantastic projects, and I’d love to see these videos created. It’s just a matter of how to make it happen quickly and cheaply!

I’m going to meet with Treffyn (who works with me on various projects) to discuss the best way forward. Typically this kind of project can be incredibly involved and I don’t have a lot of time to see this project through at the moment. Vibewire has a network of clever, creative people, so the challenge will be to harness the talents of many to create videos that are engaging, but not incredibly resource intensive to make.

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