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Australia 2020 Summit – You now have a man on the inside

April 17th, 2008 · No Comments

Will the Australia 2020 Summit be nothing but a talkfest? A waste of time? A waste of money? With so many media organisations cozying up to the government (see Media Watch’s exploration of the federal government’s PR offensive) and agreeing to become “media partners” or the like, which media outlet do you trust to bring you unbiased coverage of this historic event?

I have good news, friends: Tim Longhurst’s Blog has been given media accreditation to the summit, and I’m saving you a trip to Canberra by bringing you all the highlights – and lowlights – right here.

So forget coverage from the all-too-commercial mainstream media or the all-too-taxpayer-funded ABC. You don’t need to watch the established players for summit coverage because now you have me. Cancel your weekend plans – you are about to witness the most compelling 48 hours of posting this blog has ever seen…

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