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Nutrition advice? Just ask your friendly processed food manufacturer

May 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Ever heard of the Australian Food and Grocery Council? According to their website, they are busy “Representing Australia’s largest manufacturing industry. Producing consumer food, drink and grocery products.”  Reading their list of members and associates is enlightening – these are the manufacturers of the sugariest, fattiest, most overprocessed and overpackaged ‘foods’ you can find in your supermarket.

Naturally, you’d like these guys to be teaching you about nutrition, right?
I discovered them via their latest propaganda campaign, “My Daily Intake“. It’s all about “educating” consumers about making the “right” food choices.

Surely “Fresh is Best!” is the way to go from a health/nutrition point of view? Surely zero/low packaging is best for our environment (and ultimately us)? But fresh and low packaging is the opposite of what the AFGC members do, so that goes some way toward explaining why they’re getting on the front foot with a ‘nutrition’ campaign.

It seems they’re interested in focusing our attention on our “recommended daily intake” of sugar, rather than, for example, asking the question – are the sugars in this product natural (as in an apple) or refined (as in Coke)?..

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