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From Network TV to the Human Network – Mark Pesce on Media 2.0

May 16th, 2008 · No Comments

Ever shared information with others via email, text messaging and other social media? According to Mark Pesce, this behaviour “dates from the time when sharing information ensured our survival.”

The three F’s of “finding, filtering and forwarding” information allow us to reaffirm our place in social networks, and reminds recipients that we’re still there and we still care.

Forget television programs watched by everyone that speak to no-one: with social media messages only travel as far as they are salient… A photo from an earthquake posted to the web from a mobile might travel to millions… A text message to friends alerting them that you’ve been arrested in Egypt will probably travel far enough to at least get you legal assistance!

The shape of our culture – our news, activism and entertainment are all being transformed, spreading virally, often with less than 140 characters at a time.

Pesce concludes:

“Broadcasters, who spoke to millions, are replaced by the Human Network: each of us, networks in our own right, conversing with a few hundred well-chosen others. The cultural consensus, driven by the mass media, which bound 20th-century nations together in a collective vision, collapses into a Babel-like configuration of social networks which know no cultural or political boundaries.

“…In these fragments and shards of culture we find an immense vitality, the protean shape of the civilization rising to replace the world we have always known. It all hinges on the transition from sharing to knowing.”

Read the whole 2500 word post: Sharing :: Hyperconnectivity. [editor’s note: unfortunately this resource is no longer available online and we have therefore removed the link]

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