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What is a futurist? – futurist definitions – quotes from futurists – define futurist

May 22nd, 2008 · 3 Comments

I describe myself as a futurist and this is often the starting point for conversation about the choices that are being made that will impact the futures we live in. At the very least, the question, “What does a futurist do?” is occasionally asked… I’ve decided to pool together quotes that I hear or read that represent perspectives different practitioners bring to the discipline.

Please feel free to include quotes or definitions you like as a comment!

“(Futurists focus) in any of three areas:

  1. Forecasting the future, using quantitative and qualitative means,
  2. imagining the future, using primarily intuition and writing skills, and
  3. creating the future, using techniques of planning and consulting.”

-Glen Hiemstra

“The role of a futurist (and anyone can be one) – is to honour the past, inhabit the present (notice what’s going on now) and engage the future – to be involved in a process of stimulating our friends and our loved ones and even strangers to getting the grips with the fact that the future itself is a race between self-discovery and self-destruction…”
-Richard Neville

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