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AC Neilson survey for Beijing 2008 Olympics

August 27th, 2008 · No Comments

Walking along the Olympic Green, Jigar and I were invited to complete a ‘quick survey’ for AC Neilson. We weren’t told who the survey was for or how it would be used, but I was interested in what questions were being asked, so I completed the survey.

It’ll only take a minute

There were only about 12 questions in the whole survey, and the theme was “How have you found Beijing?”.

I received a small gift – a Chinese fan – for my trouble.

The survey was conducted using a web-based survey on an EEE PC by ASUS. The tiny laptops are WIFI enabled so there were probably WIFI hotspots enabled near the venue for the purpose of the survey. Two operators were present – one manning the laptop and the other shielding me from the sun. Overall I give the experience a 4 out of ten. I suspect they would get more honest answers if the questions weren’t being asked by locals you feel like you’d be offending with low scores, but are the people commissioning the survey interested in honest answers or good numbers?


So here’s a part of the survey as shot by Jigar and uploaded to Youtube…

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