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Naming and Shaming – 2UE interview

January 6th, 2009 · 1 Comment

I’ve just jumped off the phone from an interview with Ben Fordham on Sydney radio, 2UE. We discussed the future trend of transparency – how technologies are merging to enable people to make more informed choices.

Two examples were discussed –

Naming and shaming restaurants – I’ve blogged about that before. And –

Naming and shaming ex-partners – Ben mentioned a website that allows jilted lovers to ward future women away from men they feel weren’t up to par.

Whilst a lot of useful information exists today, and can be found on search engines such as Google, you still have to “PULL” the information toward you by searching for it – you have to know to look for the list of cockroach-infested restaurants or bad ex-boyfriends…

In the near future, relevent information will be identified, filtered and PUSHED toward you at appropriate times… As you step into a restaurant, your phone might vibrate to warn you about eating from that kitchen… A new person in a bar may be cause for your phone to send you a warning text message!

In any case, we seem to be heading toward a future where information will be presented to us in context-relevent ways… But what are the useful applications for this? I’d be interested in your ideas.

And welcome to any 2UE listeners who may have heard me named (but not shamed) at the end of our interview!

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