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Interesting South 3 as told through Google Street View

August 20th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Interesting South Banana

Interesting South 3 is fast approaching, and I’ve been thinking about the speakers and the topics that will be explored tonight. I’ve just taken a tour around Sydney (with a detour through Lebanon) using Google Street View. Below, you’ll be introduced to the speakers and topics featured tonight, along with an image captured from my joyride through Sydney…

Remo Giuffre – Anatomy of Cool – What’s cool? Who decides?


This shot was taken outside one of the coolest music venues in Sydney – the Hopetoun in Surry Hills. The sun right in the lens makes the shot even cooler. So I guess it turns out this photo is cool – and I decide! 😀

Alan Jones & Miles Campbell – Placebos – Learn how powerful the placebo effect can be


This is shot is taken outside the RPA hospital Emergency in Camperdown. Hardly a place you’d want to be handed a placebo, but it sticks with the medical theme.

Patrick Hofmann – Away with words – Images and Icons too often fail the needs of their audience.


Even though Patrick won’t be talking about his work at Google, I thought I’d visit the Google Pyrmont office for this shot. Unfortunately this bus is in the way. An example of an image failing the needs of its audience?

Miles Merrill – Perform your own stories – why don’t writers speak or speakers write?


Berkelouw Bookshop is just down the road from the Chauvel in Paddington, where the conference is to be held… So I thought it made sense to visit there for Miles’ talk.

Basil Donovan – Oral s£x is new black


With little more than a close-up of a mouth at its entrance, “short stay hotel”, Stiletto seemed like an obvious place to go for Basil’s talk.

Adam Dennis – Rebuilding our singing society


I’ve only ever been inside the Vanguard for a moment – never for a show. It’s a cool venue… I tried going to a few karaoke bars for Adam’s talk, but they are mostly underground with little signage, so in a way, Street View doesn’t really let you visit karaoke bars. Shame, really.

Amy Frasca & Virginia Mesiti – Bondi to Beirut


I’ve already been to Bondi, so I thought I’d visit Beirut. They don’t appear to have Google Street View in Beirut, so this is the best I could do.

Steve Maxwell – On his soapbox


This is a building Steve Maxwell knows better – at least from the outside – than pretty much anyone in Sydney. When he stands on Speakers’ Corner each Sunday afternoon, this building provides part of the backdrop as he expresses his political views to anyone who’ll listen.

Cale Bain – How improv can save the world


The first time I saw Cale on stage, it was here at the Roxbury Hotel on a Tuesday night. His show, Full Body Contact No Love Tennis is great.

Tim Baynes – The permanence of temporary things – Some of the things we perceive as temporary are the most enduring


Harry’s Cafe de Wheels – a pie cart – has been one of the most enduring structures in Sydney. Evidence of Tim’s point?

Ash Donaldson – Why do we believe silly things


This is the Scient0l0gy building around the corner from my place. One time I went inside and did a personality test… Needless to say I failed miserably, have no personality, and need the services of this organisation. No thanks – not today!

So there you have it. My little tour of Interesting South 3, entirely from my laptop. It’s going to be a great night – looking forward to seeing you there!

And don’t forget, if you can’t join us, it’s ok – ABC Fora are coming to film it and stick it on TV ABC2 and the web!

Headline image credit: Derived from a photo by Gregg Girling


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