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Slaying the Mediogre

March 18th, 2013 · 1 Comment

There is a bully who insists that unless I really stress and struggle over my writing, it’ll be mediocre… and not worth publishing.

This bully has the capability of whispering within my mindin a voice that is remarkably similar to my regular, witty inner dialogue and thoughts.

I’ve nicknamed this bully the “Mediogre”.

It was my Mediogre that first encouraged me to not hit publish on a blog post about a year ago.

I was tired… Exhausted from weeks on the road, and, ready for a break, I gave in to the Mediogre. I thought, “Yep. I should come back to this post and finesse it when I’m feeling fresh.” I’d made a terrible error. I never would return to that draft blog post… And worse: I’d given the Mediogre a taste of victory.

Emboldened by the win, my Mediogre grew strong and brash. Pretty soon any time I thought to write about anything, the Mediogre cautioned me… My last writing effort had been so mediocre I hadn’t published it. “Why bother?” shrugged my ogre.

Looking back, I can see what a fool I’ve been. I love writing. I should never have let the Mediogre get the better of me. Fancy being browbeaten by a fictional character!

I’m sharing this story with you because I know each of us experiences the stifling voice of a Mediogre in at least some aspects of our lives.

Every blog post I publish is written with the blood of my Mediogre. If you’re reading this post, the Mediogre has tasted defeat. But I know he’ll be back. I’m sure with practice, slaying him will become easier, but I doubt it will ever be effortless.

So… Here’s to slaying our Mediogres. To remembering that the only proven way to get better at anything is to give it a shot. To giving things that are good for us, or others (or both) a go. And to remembering that most people aren’t nearly as judgemental as our Mediogres are… At least partly because they’re busy dealing with their own Mediogres themselves.


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