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Lessons from on Gary Vee’s #SXSW 2017 Q&A Session

March 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Gary Vaynerchuk‘s session at #SXSW was electrifying. Here are the lessons I learned from my back-row seats in the packed ballroom. For each of us who have a vision, an idea or something to say, there are lessons here for us…
Having an audience with someone who is so on mission and driven is electrifying. If @garyvee harbors doubts about his opinion or approach to life, he didn’t explore that territory today. He focused well and truly on terrain that he felt most at home in – how to get the most out of life and business.
Slogans helped anchor the session. “If you spent more time Doing and not Dwelling you would be much further along!” and “Losing is attractive to entrepreneurs” are Gary’s stock in trade. His ‘rules to live by’ made up a LOT of the Q&A-format one hour keynote… They grabbed my attention and acted as “hooks” for me to lean in and want to hear more
Great storytelling had us leaning forward and laughing. Every slogan-headline was followed by Gary’s trademark strong storytelling – offering anecdotes from his work and life
Finding simple ways to explain a complex world was a hit. Gary seemed to be able to find simple, clever ways to convey his understanding of context and our era… Looking back on his early participation at #SXSW (in 2006 and 2007), Gary mused at what an outsider he was because everyone seemed to be interested in saving the world and “I just wanted to make money”. Casting himself as an outsider who is doing things differently played well!
Strong values that resonated with my own helped me connect with the speaker. Values Gary lived in-session included perseverance, kindness, generosity… He gave 100% for the session
Self confidence and energy commanded attention. Gary appeared to have zero doubt that he should have a microphone on him and everyone should be sitting down and taking notes!
• Being in the company of someone who has a proven track record of success and generosity feels good. It was a total love-in. Many of the the 1000 or so people packed into ballroom were big fans and those that took to the Q&A mic heaped praise on Gary for his past advice, kindness, guidance and success. Being in the company of someone being celebrated? It’s a great way to spend an hour.


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