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Walk Against Warming – International Day of Action on Climate Change

October 27th, 2006 · No Comments


Saturday, Nov 4th 2006

From walkagainstwarming.org:
“The Government
will only take real action on climate change and protect
our kids’ futures if you to tell them to. Join thousands of other Australians in a
peaceful walk urging action on climate change now.”

Sydney – 11am Martin Place (walk to Tarpeian Way
next to Botanic Gardens)
other cities at the website.

See you there!

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The March to Iraq – MoJo tracks the spin

October 25th, 2006 · No Comments

liebylieIraq is such a mess these days. As the Bush administration appear to be trying to spin their way out of a quagmire, Mother Jones has published an interactive timeline of how they got there. The timeline highlights the ‘bad intelligence’, ‘misinformation’, ‘faulty intelligence’ and lies that made the Iraq invasion so hard to swallow. It’s a dense account, but a cursory click here or there is all you really need to be reminded that the ‘fog of war’ really stinks. more: lie by lie

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August 3rd, 2006 · No Comments

31 thousand Mcdonalds ‘restaurants’ serve 47 million customers daily. Almost everything they sell is served in paper, plastic or styrofoam.

So you can imagine my surprise when Greenpeace email me celebrating a ‘McVictory’.

Ronald Mcdonald hugging a tree isn’t what comes to mind when i picture a company that serves almost everything they sell in cardboard.

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World Cup of Generosity – Norway defeats Sweden in close contest

July 5th, 2006 · 1 Comment

norwayThe Kingdom of Norway’s 5 million residents are celebrating tonight as they embrace their title of Most Generous Rich Nation.

“I’m so excited!” 22 year old Didrik Opstvedt exclaimed, “There are so many deserving people all over the world, and knowing my government is leading the charge to make the world a more caring place is a real buzz!

For every $100 Norway brings in as income, 93 cents is set aside for the world’s poorest people. This figure surpasses that of runner-up, Sweden, which gives 92 cents.

Through the United Nations, the world’s 22 richest nations have set a series of ambitious targets for the world. By 2015, these nations aim to reduce the suffering of the world’s poorest people, the targets are known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Five nations have surpassed the .7% aid target required to achieve the MDG, with another

Swedish Prime Minister, Göran Persson, congratulated Norway on their generosity. “We are generous”, the PM said, “but currently, we are being outdone by our friend and neighbour. Congratulations!”

World’s Eight Most Generous Rich Nations (Percentage of GDP put towards the UN Millennium Development Goals)
Norway 0.93
Sweden 0.92
Luxembourg 0.87
Netherlands 0.82
Denmark 0.81
Belgium 0.53
Austria 0.52
United Kingdom 0.48

Rounding out the League of Sixteen:
Finland 0.47
France 0.47
Switzerland 0.44
Ireland 0.41
Germany 0.35
Canada 0.34
Spain 0.29
Italy 0.29

Failed to Qualify:
Japan 0.28
New Zealand 0.27
Australia 0.25
Greece 0.24
United States 0.22
Portugal 0.21

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Political donations in Australia to become even less transparent

June 20th, 2006 · 1 Comment

suitcasePoliticians are influenced by their political donors and that is why Australia’s citizens deserve to know what organisations and individuals are funding political candidates.

I read the below editorial in today’s Crikey newsletter and decided I wanted more information. A search of Google News finds almost nothing. Is this a ‘fringe issue’ that doesn’t rate a mention? You decide:

The Senate has just passed the biggest attack on Australia’s system of campaign finance since the Hawke Government first mandated disclosure of donations to political parties more than 20 years ago. Despite vigorous opposition from Labor and all the minor parties, individual donations of up to $10,000 can now lawfully remain secret. This gives Australia arguably the weakest system of political disclosure in the developed world.

In the US, all donations above $US200 must be disclosed, and during election campaigns any contribution above $1,000 must be revealed within 48 hours. Contrast that with Australia, where the Russian Mafia could have donated $9,999 to the eight different Liberal Party branches on July 1 last year and at least we would have been told about it (although not for 19 months until February 1 2007). Under the new laws, such donations from international mobsters would permanently remain secret.

In the UK, political leaders even have to reveal how much they spend getting their hair done, whereas an Australian political party could pay $5 million to Mick Gatto and no-one would be any the wiser.

What we now have is a recipe for corruption. In a world where political and business accountability and transparency is on the rise, the Howard Government has taken a retrograde step and abused its Senate majority like never before. It’s a sad day for democracy.

To get a sense of why some politicians want to keep their funding a secret, check out democracy4sale.

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