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Breaking down the election cheat sheet

October 18th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Here are some possible section headers for the Election Cheat Sheet… I found the keywords by visiting each party’s policy section… (ALP, Family First, Greens, Liberal, Nationals) Sure this would be way too many sections, but I thought it would be a good starting point. If you think there is a section header missing, post it in the comments!

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, Abortion, Accountability, Aged Care, Agriculture, Aid, Animals, Arts and Culture, Asylum Seekers, Aviation, Banking, Biological Diversity, Broadband, Carers, Childcare, Children and Young People, Citizenship, Climate Change, Communications, Community Participation in Government, Constitutional Reform and Democracy, Consumer Affairs, Corporate Governance, Cost of Living, Custody of Children, Defence, Dental Care, Disability, Drugs, Drugs, Economic Managment, Economics, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Environmental Principles, Families, Family Impact Statements, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Forests, Genetically Engineered Organisms in Agriculture, Global Economics, Global Governance, Health, Heritage, Homeland Security, Housing, Human Rights, Immigration and Refugees, Indigenous Australians, Industrial Relations, Industry, Infrastructure, Innovation, Intergovernmental Relations, International Relations, Internet Pornography and Children, Justice, Land transport & fuel pricing, Marine and Coastal Areas, Media, Multiculturalism, Natural Resources, Nuclear, Older People, Overseas Aid, Peace and Security, Physical Recreation, Poker Machines, Population, Primary Industries, Private and Public Ownership, Public Administration, Reconciliation, Recreation, Regional, Regional Development, Regional Services, Research, Resources, Roads, Rural, Science, Security, Seniors, Sexuality and Gender Identity, Shipping & Aviation, Size of Government, Small Business, Social Inclusion, Social Services, Sport, Substance Abuse & Addiction, Superannuation, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Planning and Transport, Tax, Technology, Territories, The Family, Tourism, Trade, Training, Transport, Veterans, War, Waste, Water and Inland Aquatic Environments, Welfare, Women, Workers’ Rights, Youth.

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Election Cheat Sheet – Possible ways to pull this together

October 18th, 2007 · No Comments

The idea of an election cheat sheet is to get a broad overview of the various political parties (both major and minor) on a comparison table.

Ideally the cheat sheet will be together at least two weeks out from the election. The information required could be sourced from:

  • hansard
  • official party documents and announcements
  • quotes in the media, and
  • responses to questions in correspondence (letters / email)

The information could be gathered via:

  • an intranet
  • a forum
  • a wiki
  • a Facebook group

So what have I missed and what is the best way forward?

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