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If you post it to Facebook, who else are you posting it to?

October 2nd, 2007 · 8 Comments

A few of my friends have been talking about Does What Happens in the Facebook Stay in the Facebook?

The key messages of this video are:

  • Facebook has a very wide-reaching privacy policy that essentially means that whilst you retain copyright over your data, they can use it as if they owned it.
  • Facebook is a fantastic social research tool in that millions of people are posting personal data on a daily basis – they’re uploading it for their friends, but Facebook gets it too, and Facebook will share this data with third party organisations.
  • Facebook has a number of investors that have links to US government intelligence agencies, who are more than likely using data to track individuals and their communication, along with broad trends.

It’s a great case study of how a flash video can be used to convey ideas simply and effectively.

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