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July 4th: Dependence Day?

July 4th, 2005 · No Comments

the 4th of July. The United States government calls this
“Independence Day” and it’s true that in 1776 thirteen colonies
declared their independence from Great Britain. Sadly, however, a brief
exploration reveals that many Americans are among the most dependent
people in the world…

Dependent on Weapons of Mass Destruction

“In God we Trust” is written on the bank notes, but rather than relying
on God, the United States prefers to stock up on ammo. For every $100 of
military spending in the world, $47 is spent bulking up US “defense” –
including the maintenance of more than 10,000 nuclear warheads.
Source: The Brookings Institution

Dependent on Debt

Many Americans spend money they don’t have to buy things they don’t
need to impress people they don’t like… The total US charge-card debt
has now reached over $1.5 trillion. That figure doesn’t include
mortgages, car loans or student loans. Americans are more dependent on
financial institutions and department stores than ever before.
Source: Fox News

Dependent on High Energy foods, despite Low Energy Lifestyles

You put calories in your body with food and you take them out with exercise: the balance hangs around your waist…

“Nearly two out of every three Americans are overweight or obese.” -US Surgeon General, July 16, 2003
Source: US Surgeon General

Dependent on Fossil Fuels – despite Climate Chaos
“The Kyoto treaty [which calls upon all nations to collectively address
climate ‘change’] would have wrecked our economy, if I can be blunt.” –
George W Bush, July 3, 2005
Source: Special Broadcasting Service

Dependent on “tax cut” Presidents that forsake the millions by rewarding millionaires

“Over two decades, the income gap has steadily increased between the
richest Americans, who own homes and stocks and got big tax breaks, and
those at the middle and bottom of the pay scale, whose paychecks buy
less.” – CBS News, 13 August, 2004

Rather than contributing to the systems that allow wealth to be
created, sustained and protected (by paying tax), the wealthy consider
tax an impost they deserve to avoid.

If it wasn’t for the state-run judicial system how would contracts be
enforced or patents protected? How would ‘property’ be defended without
a police department? Almost all measures of a person’s material wealth
are dependent upon the government’s protection.

The poor don’t rely on these forms of protection anywhere near to the
extent that the wealthy do, yet the wealthy have won successive tax
cuts, reducing their proportional contribution to government in recent years.
Source: CBS News

So instead of celebrating an event that occured in
1776, Americans may be better off declaring – and addressing – their current state of dependence.

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