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Mentoring: It Needn’t be lonely at the top.

Let’s make it fun, exciting and rewarding.

If you are enjoying a high degree of success and are ready for an exciting new chapter, I offer my services as a mentor, coach and friend to support you on your journey.

“Another world is not only possible. She is on her way… On a quiet day, if I listen very carefully, I can hear her breathing…”.
Arundhati Roy

Today, there are millions of us making moves big and small towards a world that is even more beautiful, just, sustainable, dynamic, compassionate and inclusive; where we lead with purpose and integrity and we bring people and organisations with us.

If your attitudes and behaviours make you part of this movement and you’re looking enhance your vision, hone your insight or amplify your impact, a mentoring relationship can be both effective and fun!

The Powerful Role Mentoring plays in my journey

Being supported by leaders with tools, perspectives and wisdom to support me on my journey is a big part of my success.

I’m fortunate to be coached and mentored by some of the world’s best. Mentoring relationships inspire a heady mix of excitement, hope and joy, while also stirring anxiety and terror as I stretch myself in the spirit of making new possibilities reality. In sessions, I enjoy the sensation of connections sparking in my mind; the rush of endorphins as the next right moves become obvious; and, beyond the sessions, the surge of excitement as the experiences I’ve always wanted to create for myself and others unfold with ease.

For me, it’s been about having the courage to ask for help, the belief that I’m worth the investment and accessing my tenacity to put great ideas into action. 

What’s involved in a mentoring relationship?

If you’re willing to be stretched personally and professionally in order to guide people and organisations to greater success, mentoring may be for you.

It’s likely you know me as a futurist and keynote speaker. I love conference speaking – sharing ideas and hard-won lessons with hundreds or thousands at a time… But there are transformations that require deeper conversations, one-to-one.

I know the feeling of relief and connection that comes when I feel equipped for the complexity and challenges ahead. It’s possible for you to experience this same excitement without me, but together, we’ll get you there faster, with greater ease!

My journey as a mentor

Creating moments that foster collaboration, support innovation and make bold ideas a reality requires leadership from people who have credibility that inspires trust and warmth that fosters connection.

Within large organisations I’ve coached and mentored for years: CEOs have had me join them as they hone strategies, articulate visions, enhance their communication or practise empathy. Business leaders have invited me to support promising executives; and as part of innovation programs, I’ve mentored edge thinkers to make an even bigger impact in their industries and beyond. In these engagements I’ve experienced great joy and client success.

In 2018, I’ve made the decision to broaden my mentoring beyond the select companies I work with each year.

Mentoring involves an agreement between A MINIMUM OF TWO PEOPLE committed to the same outcome and willing to do the work.

Mentoring is not something that I have capacity or inclination to simply offer to just anyone who asks. There are questions of values, purpose and path that influence who I support. If you have a sense that there is alignment between us and you would benefit from a mentoring program with me, please contact me with a few words on how you’d like to grow.

To give you an idea of cost, in 2018, my mentoring programs are designed for individuals or small teams (no more than 8). They are priced as high as $150K or as low as $5k. In terms of time commitment, relationships might last years, with workshopsface to face meetings and video calls that bridge geographic distance, or confined to a single half-day meeting. One of the most powerful coaching sessions I ever enjoyed was with Marshall Goldsmith. In a few hours his generosity, wisdom, experience and guidance transformed my attitude to business and my trajectory as a thought leader. My intention is that one day you will be able to speak as highly of our time together.

There is no time like the present:

If you are ready for a daring adventure of growth and renewal, let me know!

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