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Most people show up at conferences a little worn out. They’re busy. They’re overwhelmed by their existing responsibilities. They’d love to get something valuable, maybe even game-changing, out of the next day or two. But they don’t expect to.

Yet conferences are amazing when participants feel important, valued and understood. When the conference organizers and speakers know enough about participants to curate an experience that meets people where they are and takes them somewhere new and even better.

When people don’t just go back to ‘business as usual’ as soon as it’s over; but are thinking, talking and doing things differently months after the event..

That’s why I give the kind of keynote I’d like to see if I were in the auditorium. I’m experienced, curious, passionate and in my audience’s corner.

Keynote Speaker

The first few minutes of a conference are vital. It’s in those early moments that people decide if they’re going to tune in or tune out. I’m lucky because it’s in those first few minutes that I am invited to set the tone and take the lead.

I often begin by sharing a little something of what I’ve learned about the participants, and reflecting on our similarities or differences. The conversation then flows into how the world is changing and where the opportunities are. I always have a clear intention for my session — and when I share that intention with the group, they tend to relax and lean in.

The stories and case studies I bring are fun, relatable and eye-opening — backed in by research and memorable insights from a wide range of voices and sources. The customized suggestions I offer each group on where to from here are designed to build momentum with actionable, grounded advice; rather than suggestions that require big budgets or dramatic shifts to implement. People are left feeling energized, hopeful and curious; not paralyzed and overwhelmed.

I’ve collaborated with over 150 organizations and in my keynotes I share the trends, lessons and advice that will make the biggest difference for the people in that room.

I’ve been working as a futurist for over a decade. It’s been hard work and a wild ride. Along the way I’ve been honoured with the highest recognition available from the Professional Speakers’ Association for the level of professionalism and client satisfaction with my work (it’s called Certified Speaking Professional, or CSP).

I’d love to learn more about you and how I can help make your next event fun, memorable and maybe even profound. Let’s serve your organization’s highest purpose – not just tick a box. To find out more, please get in touch with my team.

Your Partner in Bold Experiments

At the edges of business and culture, people are taking calculated risks, participating in bold experiments and making big gains – or at least learning valuable lessons!

Innovation and leadership programs take time and can be complex and the rewards can be enormous.

If you’ve got curiousity regarding how we can work together, or questions about what the next right step could be, then know I’m keen, and my team are here to help us learn and grow together. Get in touch.

Most of the ongoing assignments my team and I are invited to participate in occur because people have heard my ideas at a conference or event and decided they’d like to take my ideas on innovation and the future even further in their workplace.

This happened when Tourism New Zealand invited me in to help imagine positive futures for their travel industry and then strategize on how to best bring those futures to life.

It happened when Microsoft invited me to their global headquarters to support the team looking at how to persuade more than a million business customers to try a product radically different to what they were used to.

And it happened when property company Lendlease invited me to collaborate with staff interested in exploring new ways to support the company’s approach to innovation.

If you want to dive more deeply into your organization’s purpose, express a vision, imagine scenarios, try stuff, take risks, notice what didn’t work, learn from mistakes, share the lessons and work out loud — then trust me, it helps to have an enthusiastic, experienced and supportive fellow traveller on the adventure.

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