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Keynote Presentations:

  • Engaging and uplifting presentation style–holds the audience from start to finish.
  • Powerful combination of case studies, video, music, audience interaction and practical advice that inspires change.
  • Questions from the floor and participation in post-keynote discussion encouraged.
  • Usually 45 minutes plus Q&A.

Give your audience a fresh perspective

My sessions are designed to prepare participants to adapt to a changing landscape. Each keynote is highly customised – filled with compelling stories, easy to follow explanations and audience interaction to keep people hooked.

I’m passionate about building organisations’ capacity for foresight… That often means challenging assumptions and presenting inspiring visions of the future.

The key questions I ask myself when preparing for an engagement is, “What do I know about this group?” and, “Of all the things I know, what’s going to connect with them? What of my resources and perspectives will equip them for their journey?” – I’m selective about trends and themes I introduce and the more relevant, fun and engaging the conversation is for participants, the better.

Here’s a short explanation about the focus for some of my more popular sessions:


This is where I take a look at trends that apply to just about any industry and stay high-level enough that it feels like a great dinner-party conversation… We’re covering a lot of ground with specific examples that bring the themes to life.


This is the perfect keynote if everyone in the room is from the same industry – for example in recent years I’ve done deep dives in property, real estate, finance, agriculture and professional services – but if your industry isn’t listed, there’s a good chance I can still stretch minds and inspire some change – get in touch!

Opportunities Rock! Identifying and seizing opportunities in a time of abundance

This is where my ‘glass half full’ perspective gets a chance to play. There are more positive changes happening in the world than the 24 news cycle would have us believe–and more possibilities to disrupt and innovate than any business could possibly embrace… This is my most upbeat and positive keynote.

Modern Leadership: Lessons from the edge of business and culture

In my work I attend conferences and festivals filled with misfits, hackersactivists, change-agents and troublemakers. In this keynote I share lessons from South by South West conference in Texas, Burning Man in Nevada and share case studies from companies that are reinventing organisational structures… This is definitely one where I’m interested in stretching the minds of participants and giving them some case studies to take back to their teams.

Buckle Up! Adapting ourselves to business at the speed of light

This is the title I give to my “burning platformstyle keynotes. Sometimes CEOs will call and say, “I don’t think people realise how fast things are changing and how at-risk we are…. Can you help my people appreciate how different things are going to be and how we can’t take anything for granted?” This keynote is my answer to that question.

All of that said, each keynote presentation is a conversation between me and a group of people. I make the positive philosophical choice that participants are clever, capable, interested and ready to learn. I enjoy bringing the best out of people and creating a sense of community within conferences.  If it’s starting to sound like I can develop a keynote presentation for your audience, the next step is to drop us a note or give us a call and we’ll set up a briefing call.