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March 25th, 2005 · No Comments

There’s nothing quite like ‘getting away from it all’ and travelling.
If you’re thinking of heading to the USA, France or Italy, read on,
because here’s a few choice travel tips for you…


Be prepared to attempt to speak French, brace yourself for the English reply…

Sit at the top of Notre Dame, look over France, and write a few notes to yourself.


Get your haircut in NYC at the barber school. When the guy’s done, check out the handiwork, then ask him to shave your head.

When in New York, visit Yogi’s, Ryan’s and McSorley’s. (These are all bars).

Stay in NYC until ANZAC Day, The AFL boys – the New York Magpies – throw the best party in the world.


Hire a scooter in Rome.

You may have to say you can ride a scooter. (How hard can it be?)

Spend the first hour riding around the block, because you’re only confident turning left.


Know the words to your favourite songs. Sing them to non-English speakers.

Teach drinking songs to foreigners.

Write about each city before and after you arrive. (See how your attitude changes…)

Know how to say at least these words: friend, hello, thank you, beautiful, yes, no, I love you…

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