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October 2nd, 2007 · 3 Comments

As part of Blogtober I have decided to make a quick post on how this blog comes together.

There are three elements I’ll focus on: the software, the advertising and the page counter.

Wordpress is an open source blogging application that sits on the web – that is, it’s installed on my server and I can therefore post to it from anywhere with an internet connection. I chose WordPress because when I compared blogging software, WordPress seemed like the best fit. I’ve found it to be an excellent product and I’d recommend it to anyone.

ADVERTISING: Google Adwords
As a seasoned cynic of corporate controlled media and commercial messaging, having ads on my blog feels controversial. The main reason I host ads is because I believe Google will index your website more often if you host Google Adwords. I have no hard evidence of this, and Google aren’t likely to officially admit to that, but back in the days when my website wasn’t showing up on Google searches at all, I decided it was worth a shot. These days my site indexes really well on Google, and I’m reluctant to remove the ads because I think they’re part of the reason people discover this site in the first place. Also, although my income from ads is modest, it does cover my website hosting costs, which is a good deal for me.

I started using Sitemeter over a year ago and whilst it is nowhere near as sophisticated as other counters, it gives me an idea of what articles are showing up in search engine requests and how many people are checking out the blog. You can see my blog’s stats here. Back when I was posting on a regular basis I would average 400 visits a week, but these days it’s a little below 200. I suspect Blogtober might bump the stats up a little… Time will tell.

Well, this concludes my behind the scenes blog tour. If you think I’ve left things out or you have a question about the blog, post a comment.

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