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High and Dry – Guy Pearse

July 1st, 2007 · No Comments

Is John Howard dragging his feet on climate change because he’s surrounded by Australia’s biggest polluters? High and Dry promises to explain the politics of Australia’s do-as-little-as-possible attitude to climate change.

“In this damning account, Liberal Party member, lobbyist
and former Howard-government advisor Guy Pearse takes us behind the
rhetoric he once helped write. He reveals that the government has no
plans whatsoever to reduce Australia’s emissions, and explains why this
is bad for Australia’s economy. He exposes a prime minister wilfully
blind to Australia’s real Interests – a man who has allowed climate
change policy to be dictated by a small group of Australia’s biggest
polluters and the lobbyists they fund.”

Unfortunately the website is more of a promotion for the book than a backgrounder. This is an opportunity missed, as a more content-rich site would create a wider audience for the author’s message, more media opportunities for him to speak and ultimately lead to more publicity and more sales. His greatest challenge in the coming months won’t be piracy, it will be obscurity. At least he’s included a brief extract from the book.

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