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Backward march against backward choices

May 30th, 2005 · No Comments

Mt_Piper_Power_station___coal_handling_plant_1.jpgThe New South Wales Government is about to announce the the extension of a coal fired power plant that will cost $2 billion instead of moving forward with clean energy.

There’s only one thing to do to protest such backward thinking: March Backwards.

WHEN: 3.30pm, Monday 6th June, 2005.
WHERE: Sydney Town Hall Steps to Governor Macquarie Tower.
WHAT TO DO: Wear a suit and march backwards for no new coal in NSW!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This was hilarious! 100 or so people marching backwards
through Sydney definitely got attention. “What could be more backward
than coal?” summed up the sentiment of the marchers. Raised eyebrows,
plenty of smiles and the occasional round of applause for the touring
parade ensured spirits were kept high.

Walking backwards for several kilometres through the CBD seemed
ridiculous, but not nearly as ridiculous as supporting the expansion of
our fossil fuel dependence…]

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Global Dimming

March 28th, 2005 · No Comments

globaldimming.jpgThe BBC Horizon program has made a really interesting documentary on what is being labeled “global dimming”.

Basically, it’s suggesting that all the pollution in the air is having an impact on the amount of light from the sun reaching the Earth (ie. the “dimming”)

What’s being suggested is that global warming would be far greater if it weren’t for the great blanket of pollution we’ve created above our planet. if we address our pollution problems, the challenge posed by global warming may be greater than many scientists are suggesting.

ABC Four Corners Global Dimming Website

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