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Social media and ice cream – tags, ratings and comments explained…

August 13th, 2008 · No Comments

“The media don’t tell us what to think, but they tell us what to think about, which can be just as powerful.” I remember noting that learning back at university when I was studying communication. Back then, the conversation was about the ‘mass media’, and the incredible grip TV, radio and print media had on the big stories of the day.

Today, more than ever, the stories, conversations and ideas that will shape our futures can come from any one of us… Not just the media moguls… Thanks to blogging, podcasting and video sharing sites, millions of people are finding audiences for their ideas – and people to help take those ideas to even bigger audiences…

I first saw the video below over at abcdigitalfutures. Social Media – the term used to describe this new type of media, is explained using ‘ice cream’ instead of ‘media’.

It’s less than four minutes and provides a neat, simple overview of how web-enabled technologies are shifting ‘what we think about’:

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One comment policy?

August 2nd, 2008 · 4 Comments

On my first day in Beijing I uploaded a video of me stepping off the plane. I blogged it here. I’ve been told in conversation that a few videos on the blog during my trip to Beijing would be a great idea. However, the only comment (so far) is from an apparent local who’s not thrilled about my coverage:

“To tell you the truth, people like you are not welcome in China. We dont like your type.”
Youtube user

Ouch! I guess the “Make Olympic Guests Feel Warm and Bring Hearts Closer Together” advertising campaign I’ve been seeing in Chinese television hasn’t won over everybody.

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