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Social media and ice cream – tags, ratings and comments explained…

August 13th, 2008 · No Comments

“The media don’t tell us what to think, but they tell us what to think about, which can be just as powerful.” I remember noting that learning back at university when I was studying communication. Back then, the conversation was about the ‘mass media’, and the incredible grip TV, radio and print media had on the big stories of the day.

Today, more than ever, the stories, conversations and ideas that will shape our futures can come from any one of us… Not just the media moguls… Thanks to blogging, podcasting and video sharing sites, millions of people are finding audiences for their ideas – and people to help take those ideas to even bigger audiences…

I first saw the video below over at abcdigitalfutures. Social Media – the term used to describe this new type of media, is explained using ‘ice cream’ instead of ‘media’.

It’s less than four minutes and provides a neat, simple overview of how web-enabled technologies are shifting ‘what we think about’:

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Australia 2020 Summit – You now have a man on the inside

April 17th, 2008 · No Comments

Will the Australia 2020 Summit be nothing but a talkfest? A waste of time? A waste of money? With so many media organisations cozying up to the government (see Media Watch’s exploration of the federal government’s PR offensive) and agreeing to become “media partners” or the like, which media outlet do you trust to bring you unbiased coverage of this historic event?

I have good news, friends: Tim Longhurst’s Blog has been given media accreditation to the summit, and I’m saving you a trip to Canberra by bringing you all the highlights – and lowlights – right here.

So forget coverage from the all-too-commercial mainstream media or the all-too-taxpayer-funded ABC. You don’t need to watch the established players for summit coverage because now you have me. Cancel your weekend plans – you are about to witness the most compelling 48 hours of posting this blog has ever seen…

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Congratulations, Hamish

February 25th, 2008 · No Comments

International journalism supremo and friend, Hamish Macdonald, has been named Young Journalist of the Year at the Royal Television Society (RTS) awards in London.

RTS explained their decision on their website:

“The Jury admired the winner’s confidence, style and spirit, particularly the reporting from Malaysia in the thick of the prodemocracy demonstrations broken up by water cannon. Real star quality.”  (Emphasis added).

Macdonald’s Al Jazeera reported:

“Judges commended the Kuala Lumpur-based journalist for his confidence and style, highlighting his work covering street protests in Malaysia. They also looked at his coverage of the conflicts in Afghanistan and East Timor in awarding him the prize.”

This is the first time a journalist from outside the BBC or ITN has received the award in its ten year history. The award is Al Jazeera English’s first ever from RTS.

Congratulations and well done, Hamish.

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Future of Journalism

August 2nd, 2006 · No Comments

NewAssignment.net is an experiment in a new funding model for journalism. Craig Newmark, whose website, craigslist.org has been accused of hailing the end of newspapers, has set aside $10k to fund the experiment.

Read all about it: NewAssignment.net

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Whistleblower award at the Walkley’s?

May 30th, 2005 · 1 Comment

walkley_1.jpgMiriam Lyons has launched her “one woman campaign” for a whistleblower award to be included in Australia’s media awards, the Walkleys.

“For every lie revealed, every cover-up uncovered, someone [has] risked everything to tell us what we need to know, and then disappeared quietly out of view, to spend time with their families amidst the ruins of their career…”

Journalists have a field day whenever an insider has the guts to talk to the media, so the annual media awards seem like the perfect forum.

Miriam figures the board are likely to “give the idea a fair hearing”, the concept just needs a few advocates. You can be one of those advocates by calling the Walkley’s office on (02) 9333 0945 or by writing a note to the editor of the Walkley Magazine.

Read the original call to action at The Mobias Strip
Visit the website for the Walkley Awards

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