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Re-connect with your best bits: start with why

August 30th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Your passions – the stuff that gets you enthusiastic – the things you’re interested in… These are your best bits.

Too many of us spend too much of our lives with our best bits wrapped up by the daily grind of the what we do. In this 18 minute talk, Simon Sinek is convinced that if we put our best bits out the front where they belong, people will want more.

“Sell to people who believe what you believe – hire people who believe what you believe” is the mantra of Simon, the “Start with why” guy.

If you’re interested in engaging family, friends, colleagues or customers with what you do, then grab your best bits and watch this.

Thanks to Treffyn & Renee, who independent of each other sent me this. 🙂


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Whopperlust invites Americans to trade their attention, dignity for hamburgers

July 4th, 2011 · No Comments

Love creativity? This is a great example of creative advertising. Burger King in the US set up their own “Whopper” interactive TV channel where you are paid in burgers to sit and watch a whopper. The longer you watch, the more free burgers you get. (5 minutes = 1 whopper).

Anyone who’s seen The Meatrix (highly recommended) will know why I avoid fast food burgers altogether, but it’s still clever marketing.

To see this TV channel in action, here’s a guy trying to get a free burger (offensive language warning) skip to 2min20sec to see how the channel can tell if you’re still paying attention.

The audience for this unique campaign isn’t just people who watch Direct TV channel 111, but the various audiences that will extend the campaign through social media and word of mouth. Definitely an example for anyone looking for clues about the future of advertising & marketing… If you’re going to be boring with a standard old ‘product as hero’ shot… Do it in a creative and entertaining way!

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Global Justice is not “anti-globalisation” – renaming a movement

November 17th, 2006 · No Comments

Members of the Global Justice Movement should insist that journalists refrain from labeling them “anti-globalisation” protestors.

How can people from international networks advocating a world that works for everyone be labeled “anti-globalisation”? It doesn’t make sense.

For more info on the Global Justice Movement’s advocacy at the G20 in Melbourne, check out indymedia.

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Da Vinci marketers put their money where mouths should have been

May 15th, 2006 · No Comments

monalisaApparently the Da Vinci Code book launch in America:

“…included a $500,000
television ad, cross-promotions and an unprecedented 10,000 cheaply
printed copies of the novel handed to American booksellers at the
end of 2002.”

‘Word of mouth’ campaigns are more expensive than I realised.

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